Monday 26 February - Sunday 3 March 2024

Art Gallery on Darling

307 Darling St, Balmain 

10am to 5pm

A captivating fusion of serene landscapes and expressive hand-painted animal sculptures meticulously fashioned from kiln-fired clay and wood.         


Together, the artworks create a harmonious balance between exploration and lightheartedness, showcasing the profound beauty of nature and the simple joys of existence.

Northern Beaches artist Col Ritchie continues to weave a narrative that celebrates the connection between humanity and nature.

Col's landscapes provoke contemplation and evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony.

His sculptural creations showcase his skilful artistry, combining natural mediums of clay and wood. The irregularities and nuances present in the wood contribute to the dogs organic charm, making each piece truely unique which cannot be replicated.

Over 40 dog sculptures depicting different breeds will be on show.

Each comes with an adoption card and carry home kennel, enabling 

you to safely take your newly adopted companion home with you.

BARK Exhibition 2023

OUT OF THE WOODS 2024  - New Paintings, New Dogs, New Experience.